SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH is a networking tool to enable remote logins to another GNU/Linux computer. It is superior to Samba because it allows you to log in as the user and have the same access to the machine as you would if you were sitting at the machine. It allows you not only to move files around but also to run applications.
Mint comes with the ssh client preinstalled but to be able to access it from another computer you have to install the ssh server. You can install ssh with a package manager like mint install or synaptic or it can be easily accomplished in a terminal with:

sudo apt install ssh

Now you can go to the other PC and gain terminal access to your Mint machine or access it using a file manager like Nautilus or Konqueror. For the purposes of this howto, we will pretend that the IP address of your machine is

To gain remote access in a terminal simply enter:

ssh user@ip-address (ie: ssh mintuser@
or if you want to run GUI applications enter:

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