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Youtube wants to stop annoying 30-second spots Long commercials, which can not be skipped: this advertising form wants to eliminate Youtube in the future. Those who are annoyed by this form of online advertising, however, have to be patient.
Youtube is reworking its advertising formats and wants to abolish the unpopular 30-second non-skippable spots in the coming year, as the magazine Campaign reports. Clips with a length of 20 seconds can not be interrupted by the user at the request of the advertisers.

Google strives always afterwards, to offer users a better experience, the company writes: “As part of this effort, we have decided, 30-second, to stop supporting non-skippable advertisements from 2018 and us instead to focus on formats that both Both our users and advertisers, ” said a Google spokesman.

Fear of Facebook?

Industry experts suspect that Google is reacting to Facebook with the new strategy. “We know the video is the core of Facebook’s roadmap, and the company’s video offer is becoming more and more attractive for brands and youtube in panic,” said Callum McCahon, Strategic Director of the BornSocial agency at Campaign.

The company, which is part of the alphabet, is regularly reworking its advertising formats. Last April, it had introduced six seconds long, non-skippable spots, the so-called haiku advertising. This advertising form is to be used intensively in the future, writes Campaign. With Youtube Red, there is also an advertising-free Youtube subscription, which is currently not available in Pakistan.

Anyone who professionally uploads videos on Youtube can be involved in the company’s advertising revenues. According to own data, Youtube has already paid about 1 billion US dollars to the music industry. Also, numerous Youtuber get a portion of the income, but also earn a lot of money with a controversial crawl.

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