Beginning in January 2017 Intel had its Kaby Lake technique to all desktop processors down to the Celeron and Pentium chips rolled out. While there were hardly more than a few additional MHz or an improved graphics unit in the past updates, the manufacturer surprised us this year: For the first time, the two-core Pentium models have hyperthreading. This was previously reserved for the mobile platforms as well as the Cores i3 and i7. We found the Pentium G4560 with a high 3.5 GHz for just 60 Euro street price particularly interesting. Our thanks go to this location to Alternate for the temporary loan service.


In order to solve a misunderstanding, we first say that the Intel Pentium is the first to release the hyperthreading (HT), which is the Pentium of the Core iX generations. Specifically outside are Pentiums with Atom, Core or even Netburst architecture. Hyperthreading is Intel’s own implementation of Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), where a core can create an additional thread to improve the utilization of the existing units and thus the speed. Unlike about IBM’s implementation of SMT for Power9 processor HT cores with Intel but do not have dedicated resources.

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